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Rising to Overcome

Rising to Overcome by Ron Kennedy

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A note on the origin of the ABSolute Fitness NC logo

The significance and essence of true change stems from the manifestation of one form transcending into another. Much like an alchemist turning lead into gold, dynamic change is not only the alignment of new principles and practices, but the metaphysical reconditioning of the object of that change. True and undisputed change cannot occur without the formal destruction of the former self. Much like destroying a packed and sealed formation of multihued powder with flame, the end result is a glorious, luminous, and explosive display of fire in the sky.
ABSolute Fitness NC was founded on the principles of dynamic change. Therefore from its inception, we chose a symbol that fully represents that belief: the Phoenix.
The legend of the Phoenix has several origins, but the best and most famous one is from ancient Greece. In a time of Gods, Demi-Gods, great monsters, and even greater heroes, the Phoenix was regarded by all as one of the most powerful creatures in the universe. As the legend goes, the Phoenix is an immortal and indestructible bird of raging flames. Not evil or causing harm to mankind, just so full of unbridled power that its very feathers ignite and burn as bright as the sun. Every 1000 years the bird builds a funeral pyre to which it lays itself upon, dims its own flame, and allows the fire to encompass and disintegrate the physical form. It dies. Its body is no more. Nothing remains but ash and cinders.
Several days pass. At dawning of the third day, just as the first rays of light touch the pile of wilted ashes, a spark turns into flame. Flame into fire. Fire explodes. And from that explosion, a burst of revitalized, recharged, and untamed power soars into the sky and forms the reborn Phoenix. Its soul renewed, its body mended and regenerated. It has retained all of its knowledge, all of its experience, all the memories and triumphs of its past life. Yet, it has manifested all of that energy into a stronger and new form.
What an incredible sight to behold.
Though stories like that seem far-fetched, modern day drakes do still practice the traditions of their legendary ancestors. Ravens and crows have been known to practice a peculiar form of behavior called “anting”. The bird will cover itself in honey or a sweet nectar, then sit and disturb an ant nest. The attraction of the sugar in conjunction with the drones protecting the hive makes the ants crawl over the bird swarming its body. Scientists think the crow allows this as sort of a back massage from the tiny bites and sensation of the insects scouring its skin. Or perhaps the ants feed off the ticks and other parasites the bird carries with them.
When the raven is finished with his spa day, he finds a strong heat source like a bon fire or smoke stack, spreads out its wings, and allows the heat to persuade his guests that the party is over and it’s time to end the ride. Its skin refreshed, and the troubling pests all devoured, the crow goes about his merry way.
Be it the assistance of baited insects, or the sacrifice of self to flame, both stories involve the recognition and more importantly the commitment to make change. Once that commitment is solidified, the creatures know that they will have to endure hardships, even pain to gain the results they seek. For even though the difficulty of setting yourself ablaze is enough to discourage those that lack the conviction, determination, and the burning desire to make change, the explosion and surge of power you feel from the rebirth of the new self makes those challenges worth the transformation.
Many have come to us with the need to be reborn into a new self. The stress and struggles of every day will cause the aging and breakdown of the physical self of even the most hardened and battle tested individual. No one can fight forever. The most dedicated, most stern, most devoted encounter times in their life when their faith is tested. When the test makes one question the meaning of their devotion, it opens the door for doubt and other negative emotions that plant the seeds of failure.
Napoleon Hill said in his book “Think and Grow Rich” that “Faith is the eternal elixir, which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought.” Thought itself is a physical action. When the mind creates a thought electrical impulses fire and stimulate the inner workings of the physical mind. Those thoughts have a frequency, and much like radio waves, that frequency is sent out to the known universe. It’s very important that you monitor your thoughts, for though some dismiss the creation of an idea as a trivial task in compared to the action taken behind it, how can any accomplishment begin or be completed without the initial thought?
When your thoughts lead you to take actions counter-productive to your original goals, it’s time for a
change. When you become complacent with the situation if you desire more, it’s time for a change.
ABSolute Fitness NC defines ambition as “Never accepting things just the way they are by breaking and exceeding the boundaries set by ourselves and others.” Once the boundaries are established, that’s when you ignite the fire within, welcome the flames as they consume the person you “were” and begin to give birth to the person you are becoming.
That is the symbolism behind our Phoenix. Nothing is beyond us, if we are willing to face the flames and burn brighter than the pests and old skin that keep us from soaring through the skies of our desired destiny.
“Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined too.”- Unknown Author.